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Frequently Asked Questions on IDS Software products and related technologies.


This collection of technical articles addresses development issues in greater detail to help application developers better understand and resolve real life problems.

JDBC Connection via HTTPS Proxy
Firewall access is one of the most difficult issues of Java applet deployment, especially for applets that require network connections other than HTTP.  The IDS JDBC Driver's ability to connect to an IDS Server via a HTTPS proxy servers provides an unique and high performance way to deploy JDBC enabled Java applets to firewall protected clients. This article provides a complete step by step solution to this problem.

Firewall Access in Java Applets
A more general paper on firewall access that explains the built-in SOCKS proxy connection capability in JDK class and how to use this feature in Java applets that need to make network connections through firewalls.

 JDBC Quick Start

Jump start your JDBC development with IDS JDBC Driver.

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