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 New Releases

IDS Server 4.2.2 for Windows, Linux and Solaris
IDS Server 4.2 is an exciting new release with breakthrough new features. Refer to the solution diagram for an overview of the new IDS Server.

  • Supports client side Kerberos and NTML proxy authentication.
  • Supports .NET applications via IDS .NET Data Provider and IDS .NET SQL Driver.
  • Custom Data Source prevents unauthorized access to internal data source.
  • dbShield prevents the execution of SQL command unknown to administrators.
  • Secure dbAccess offers SSL encryption to both Java and .NET clients.
  • Native interface to SQL Server 2000 and 7 on Windows, Linux and Solaris.
  • Clob and Blob support for SQL Server 2000 and 7.
  • Transparent Unicode handling for SQL Server 2000, 7 and ODBC 3.5.
  • Built-in connection pooling and statement pooling JDBC and .NET data source.
  • Comprehensive JDBC 3.0 API support including XADataSource for Oracle 9i, 8i.
  • Supports OLE DB data sources (new for IDS Server 4.1 for Windows).

 Featured Articles

JDBC Connection via HTTPS Proxy
Firewall access is one of the most difficult issues of Java applet deployment, especially for applets that require network connections other than HTTP.  The IDS JDBC Driver's ability to connect to an IDS Server via a HTTPS proxy servers provides an unique and high performance way to deploy JDBC enabled Java applets to firewall protected clients. This article provides a complete step by step solution to this problem.

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