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Last updated:
Aug 11, 2006

 About IDS Software

IDS Software is dedicated to provide high performance and efficient database connectivity products for the Internet and Intranet community.  While many software vendors are eager to create fat, clumsy and pricey middle-ware, we focus on creating the fastest, smallest, most reliable and affordable Internet database solutions, and the result is our signature product -- IDS Server.

IDS Server is an Internet database access server. It enables both Java and .NET developers to write database centric Java applets, servlets, stand-alone Java and .NET applications. IDS Server includes IDS JDBC Driver, IDS .NET Data Provider and .NET SQL Driver. These three client components offer a rich set of features such as Custom Data Source, dbShield, Secure dbAccess, ResultSet Caching, comprehensive JDBC 3.0 support, multi-protocol firewall access, HTTP Tunneling, and many more. IDS JDBC Driver is among the smallest and fastest in the market.

 Our Customers

Since its first release, IDS Server has and continue to build an impressive customer-base. They range from large Fortune-500 companies to small consulting firms, from government agencies to universities and research institutions.  Among them are: Hewlett Packard, IBM, Oracle, Lucent, Compaq, Unisys, 3Com, Seagate, Master Card, American Express, Merrill Lynch, CitiCorp, Bank of America, Prudential, MIT, CMU, Penn State, Ohio State, NASA, JPL, Sandia Lab, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Siemens, CERN, Bayer, GeoTel, GE, AT&T, Kodak, US DOT, US Treasury, US Naval Research Lab, US Army Research Lab, and the list goes on.



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