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IDS Server 4.1 is an Internet database access server that enables both Java and .NET applications to connect to databases. It offers three client components:


IDS JDBC Driver, a compact, platform neutral and high performance Type-3 JDBC driver that implements the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 3.0 API.


IDS .NET Data Provider, allows ADO.NET applications to access databases base on the standard .NET Data Provider architecture.


IDS .NET SQL Driver defines and implements a powerful and feature rich database access API for all .NET languages including C#, Visual Basic, C++ and JScript.  This API resembles the JDBC 3.0 API.  It is not related to the ADO.NET and .NET Data Provider architecture, and it is also not related to Visual J#.

All three components leverage the power of IDS Server to offer Internet applications advanced database access and security features:

Custom Data Source

Allows administrators to define specific data sources for IDS Server client components, while denying any attempts by client applications to access any other internal data sources.  This prevents malicious Internet programs from poking around your internal network for databases.


Used with custom data source, allows developers to define a set of SQL commands permitted to be executed on a data source. This prevents hostile client programs from executing SQL commands that can alter or destroy your database and data.  It can also hide the actual SQL statement from the program code, which is often downloadable on public Web sites.

Secure dbAccess

Uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt the connections between IDS Server and its client components.  Both Java and .NET client applications can ensure data integrity and communication privacy with IDS Server.

Native Database Support

IDS Server connects to Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7 using native database API or protocol. Connecting to these databases do not require ODBC drivers and driver manager. The native SQL Server interface supports mapping text, image and ntext columns to Clob and Blob data types.

Multi-Platform Middleware

IDS Server is a multi-threaded, high performance, self-contain, native C++ server program runs on Win32/Intel, Win32/Alpha, Linux/Intel and Solaris/Sparc. You may also use it as a simple Web server.

Runs Inside Web Servers

Although a stand-alone server program, IDS Server can also run inside a Web server, allowing greater deployment and configuration flexibility. Supported Web servers are: Microsoft Internet Information Service (as an ISAPI application), Netscape FastTrack/Enterprise Web Server (as an NSAPI application) or Apache Web server (as an Apache module).

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